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Factors To Consider While Selecting Ducted Vs. Split System Air Conditioners

Split System Air Conditioners | Up Trend Electrical

If you reside on the Sunshine Coast, you’re likely exploring options for installing an air conditioning system, given the year-round warm climate. 


However, selecting the most appropriate design for your unique requirements can be challenging. 


Choosing a dependable option that delivers comfort without breaking the bank is crucial.


Before deciding on a split or ducted air conditioning system, it’s crucial to consider several factors. 


These include the dimensions and quantity of rooms requiring cooling, energy efficiency ratings, financial limitations, future maintenance requirements, and additional considerations.


Ducted and split systems offer unique advantages and disadvantages regarding installation, maintenance, and repair. It’s essential to closely examine and compare each plan based on critical factors. Here’s a brief rundown of what you need to know.

Split System Air Conditioners

Single-room climate control can be conveniently achieved with split-system air conditioners. 


These systems consist of two distinct components – an interior unit for circulating cool air and an exterior unit for releasing heat through heat exchange. Regarding affordability and installation, split systems offer a practical alternative to ducted systems. 


Since they do not require extensive ductwork and ventilation, the costs associated with their purchase and installation are relatively low. Additionally, the installation process is relatively quick, with minimal modifications required to your home. 


You can always add more split systems to your home as your budget allows or your needs change. 

You can be assured of lower energy demands with split systems since they are designed to heat or cool only one room or space at a time.


It makes them an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for single-room climate control.


Split system air conditioners excel in providing quick cooling solutions for single rooms and smaller spaces. 


Yet, they tend to lose their efficiency and consume more energy when tasked to cool larger areas or multiple rooms.


One of the critical advantages of utilizing split systems is their cost-effectiveness in the initial investment. 


The installation process is more straightforward and less costly, while ongoing operational expenses are comparatively low.


While split air conditioners are an efficient way to cool down a room, it’s important to note that they do require some additional upkeep to perform optimally. 


It includes routine cleaning and maintenance to prevent breakdowns, which unfortunately can happen more frequently with this system. 


However, should repairs be necessary, the good news is that they are typically quite affordable. Staying on top of the essential upkeep ensures your split air conditioner works effectively.


Ducted systems generally have a longer lifespan than their counterparts, with typical significant repairs or replacements only required after five to ten years.

Ducted Air Conditioners

Regarding air conditioning, ducted systems have numerous advantages over split systems. The most significant perk is the ability to effortlessly and effectively regulate the temperature of your entire home with a simple button press. 


Ducted systems, controlled by a thermostat, maintain a uniform temperature throughout your home. 


However, with zoning capabilities, you can adjust the amount of conditioned air in each room through a basic on/off switch or a variable air volume controller that allows you to adjust the airflow to your liking. This option also results in more efficient air balancing throughout the system. 


Unlike split systems, ducted air conditioning is entirely concealed within your home’s roof cavity, except for the ceiling vents, making it more visually appealing. 


Additionally, ducted systems tend to be quieter than their split counterparts, with the only noticeable sound being a faint fan noise from the system.


Centralized air conditioning systems utilize a single unit to circulate cooled air through ducts, providing comfortable temperatures to various building areas. 


These systems boast a distinct advantage over split air conditioners in their ability to remain inconspicuous. Much of the equipment is concealed within the structure’s framework, with only the vents serving as a visible indication of their presence.


Ducted systems are the way to go when it comes to cooling expansive areas and multiple rooms, as they boast superior efficiency compared to split systems. Moreover, these systems are well-suited to maintaining a consistent indoor climate for enhanced comfort.


One of the drawbacks associated with using ducted air conditioning is the higher initial investment required. 


The installation process may also be more complicated and expensive than other cooling techniques.


On the other hand, ducted systems are often more durable and long-lasting. However, repair expenses can be higher if a mechanical issue occurs.


A ducted air conditioner system is designed to deliver steady performance for many years. As with any machinery, mechanical systems are prone to gradual deterioration over time. 


The longevity of said systems is contingent upon the frequency of upkeep and the caliber of maintenance, with some enduring upwards of 20 years and others less so. 


When the financial burden of repairing said systems exceed their profitability, it is prudent to explore the possibility of investing in updated, more efficient alternatives. 


To extend the longevity of your ducted air conditioning system and avoid expensive repairs, it is essential to prioritize routine maintenance.

A Guide to Choosing The Right Size Air Conditioner

For your home to be efficiently cooled or heated, it’s essential to consider several factors before selecting the air conditioner size. Among them are:

  • Dimensions – the size of the room (width and length) and the height of the ceiling


  • Flooring The type of flooring can affect the recommended air conditioner size; for example, tiled floors can be more relaxed and require a higher heating capacity.
  • Aspect – The morning or afternoon sun can cause the cooling system to work harder and require more power (more extensive system).


  • Insulation – Adding insulation to ceilings and walls, as well as window treatments, awnings, shading trees, double glazing, and eaves, can reduce the need to control your home’s temperature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best, duct AC or split AC?

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Split systems are the way to go when it comes to cooling smaller properties or single rooms. Not only are they more efficient than ducted systems, but they also offer greater control. 


With a split system, you’ll have the power to adjust the temperature of the specific zone or room where the unit is installed, all with the convenience of a remote control. This means you’ll always be in charge of your own comfort, no matter what the weather outside is like.

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What are the benefits of ducted air conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning offers remarkable benefits in providing complete control over your home’s temperature. With ducted systems, you can regulate the cooling of every room and even switch off zones that are not in use, thereby saving on electricity bills. Moreover, some models of ducted air conditioning permit you to adjust the temperature of individual rooms for maximum comfort and convenience.

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